We have been working with notable music photographer, Jennifer Noble, and acclaimed music writer and musician, Zoe Howe, on a project about Women in the Blues. We invited dozens of women who are making a name for themselves today in the Blues to contribute to our project and Jennifer Noble was able to gather over 30 interviews from these amazing women.

The result is a beautiful colour hardback book, which provides an overview of the importance of women artists to the history of the Blues by Zoe Howe and a look at the legendary women of the past,  alongside the great colour photographs by Jennifer Noble of the women artists in action. Most importantly, this is the first time we have heard the women speaking for themselves in candid interviews which reveal all about life on the road, going into the recording studio, the challenges to family life and the highs and lows of performing on stage.

You can order a copy of  our book titled 50 WOMEN IN THE BLUES or purchase a selection of Jennifer Noble's fantastic photographs. See more below.

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