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Rock n Roll Island:
Where legends were born

A one hour documentary exploring the musical heritage of Eel Pie Island in west London, where a crumbling hotel became the epicentre of the Rhythm and Blues explosion in the 60s.

Cut off from the mainstream by crossing a footbridge to the island, fans felt they were entering another world, and with no police on hand either, young people let their hair down and grooved to the amazing new music on offer three nights a week.

The Stones and The Yardbirds had a residency there; Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, The Who, Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and Hawkwind were just some of the music legends who graced the halls.

Integrating archive with over 40 interviews with musicians and fans who were there, this is the ultimate retelling of a forgotten cornerstone of British rock music history.

The film has won 4 awards at US Film Festivals and was nominated at Raindance, Film Festival in London. It aired on BBC 4 in 2020 when  it was selected as a Sunday Times Critics' Choice program and a TV pick of the week by several national  newspapers.

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