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‘In September 2021, we published a book challenging the stigma around black hair. Led by two young Black women, the project collated interviews from 30+ accomplished Black women, including MP Dawn Butler, comedian Angie Le Mar, entrepreneur Anastasia Chikezie,  historian Stella Dadzie, and popstar Jamelia.


With an overview of the politics and history of black hair, the book explores how black hairstyles have played a part in the fight for social justice and the promotion of black culture while inspiring us to challenge outdated notions of beauty, gender and sexuality for young women and girls everywhere.


Want to hear more? Come to our event at Streatham Library on 19th October, read an interview with the authors, or listen to author Saskia Calliste discuss the project.


First and foremost this book is a celebration of our history, politics and culture as Black women. I personally took pleasure in digesting the history chapter first. The book affirms the beauty of Black women and, in particular, our natural kinky hair. It then flowed seamlessly into the collection of hair journeys told by thirty Black women aged 18 to 80. The Aleea Rae artwork on the front cover and sprinkled throughout the book is absolutely stunning. Hairvolution is not just a book, it’s a movement!

- Carol Ann Whitehead FRSA GGA, MD, The Zebra Partnership

Hairvolution: an essential addition to the narrative

- Lucy Nathan, Bookbrunch

"Hairvolution: It’s a wonderful-looking book and that’s half the battle…"

- Claire Hermat, BBC Radio London

"Over the past decade, the reclamation of Black hair by Black women through the mobilisation of online communities has paved the way for actionable change through campaigns like that of The Halo Code and the ongoing ratification of the Crown Act in the US. Hairvolution is a triumphant ode to this Afro-centric hair revolution. The book offers historic deep dives alongside interviews with the key cultural names, such as MP Dawn Butler and Doreene Blackstock (of Sex Education fame), to depict an intimate and critical look at what it means to recentre Black hair, even within white spaces."

- Ata-Owaji Victor, Stylist


For more information, see here.

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