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We want to improve the green space in Richmond which borders Hill Rise and is known as Compass Hill. It currently has an overgrown neglected air and our vision for the small green space is to make it a warm, inviting, pretty place for people to hang out, play, perform and enjoy the open air.

Compass Hill rough 2.jpg


The Project
To improve a neglected green space on Hill Rise by undertaking the following:
1. Create a Children’s Play area
2. Build a terraced area
3. Add a decked area at the top for mixed use 
4. Create a graded path for buggies
5. Create a wilderness garden for biodiversity
6. Create an artwork mosaic by local children on the theme of a compass
7. Create a loading bay for trucks and vans on Hill Rise


The Benefits

•Residents living in flats on Hill Rise who have no access to gardens would have a green space amenity.

•Children attending schools on Richmond Hill who have no after-school play area nearby would have a playground.

•The  mud path through the park is steep and difficult for those pushing buggies or wheelchairs - a graded path would help navigation of the hill.

•Attempts to plant flowers are thwarted by regular strimming by the council so biodiversity is harmed.

•The area looks neglected and improvement would bring it to the same standard as Terrace Gardens. 

•Now that the summers are hotter, people would benefit from a shady area to sit in.

•A decked area would offer the potential for readings and market stalls in summer.

•A loading bay would enable trucks and vans to offload goods without blocking the narrow road to traffic.

•The beautification of Compass Hill would enhance the shopping experience for local shops and businesses.

•A public art project for children would encourage community spirit and cohesion and enhance civic pride.

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