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Winnin' Thru'

A documentary about racism and sexism in Sport featuring several sports stars from different fields of Sport.

The Ogedengbe brothers grew up in a white foster family on the south coast of England, in a community hostile to immigrants. Their birth parents, originally from Nigeria, had difficulty settling in the UK and creating a family home.

As teens they finally lived with their birth parents in West London, where drugs and crime were prevalent among the black community. Paul, a dyslexic, found school hard, while Tayo did well.

There were few black role models on offer to young men in the 90s – Michael Jackson, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Lenny Henry, Nelson Mandela, O.J. Simpson, Mohammed Ali.

What drove these brothers to achieve their dreams of becoming sports stars? The film explores their different worlds and asks if Sport is still one of the few careers on offer to black youth. Is racism in sport endemic?  What has changed for young black men and women today?  With the BLM movement, is equality any closer?

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