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The Virginia Woolf Reading Challenge

Reading challenges are a fun and interactive way to encourage children to read. All proceeds from the challenge will go towards our project to create the first life-size statue of Virginia Woolf. 


How Does the Reading Challenge Work?

  • ​Children get sponsored to read, either as a flat rate or for a amount of time spent reading 

  • Between dates set in advance children read or are read to by a parent 

  • At the end of the allocated time period, money is collected and sponsorship forms are handed in to teachers

  • Children who raise the most from each school will win their choice of 3 books from our catalogue and any school that raises over £3,000 will have its name transcribed on the back of the bench 

How to Take Part:

  • Email 

  • Get your 'Virginia Woolf Reading Challenge Pack' including a sponsorship form and poster

  • Receive a book bundle containing 6 titles for ages 10-16 published by Aurora Metro Publications 


With over 80% of funding raised toward the statue, funds from the challenge will help us to reach our target of £50,000 and allow us to unveil the sculpture this summer.

VW Riverside Statue.jpg

A mock-up of the statue on Richmond Riverside 





Who Was Virginia Woolf?

Recognised as one of the great writers of the 20th century, Virginia Woolf's ideas helped to change the course of literature and champion women's rights.